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It is said that 'knowledge is power', and the more you know the more you’ll earn. In real estate, success is based on both what you know and who you know.  Having the right real estate mentor can help you achieve both. Mentoring is a give-and-take relationship, one that’s built on a variety of factors including respect, trust, and accountability. It develops naturally and takes place over the long term. A good mentor will offer advice, feedback, and guidance. However, don’t expect a mentor to teach you everything they know about real estate and business. 

What YOU can expect from your Mentor, upon request and/or as needed. Mentee may also also “shadow” their mentor on the following appointments. At the very least, the mentee and mentor shall role-play these scenarios.

  • Your Mentor should have the ability to teach you what they know and provide guidance to help you learn by doing.
  • Your Mentor will attend your first Buyer Consultation
  • If applicable, mentee shall be present for a new construction meeting.
  • Your Mentor will attend your first home inspection/negotiating the repairs
  • Your Mentor will attend your first listing appointment
  • Your mentor will attend your first final walkthrough
  • Your Mentor will attend your first closing

 What is expected of YOU?

  • You will secure your RE license with required post-licensing and/or applicable CE credits
  • You will attend the required/recommended VPR and/or FMLS classes
  • You will attend Mentor/Mentee training sessions and workshops
  • Understand why you’re investing in real estate.

Graduation Requirements

You will graduate from the mentoring program once you have closed four(4) Purchase & Sale transactions within a 12-month period. Then, you will receive alumni benefits and you will also have the opportunity to continue in the program. 

Our MissionTo team an experienced Realtor with new sales associates as they start their career or for an agent that wants to re-invent themselves. The leaders of this program can leverage their value through their ability to teach and develop others.

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