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Excelente profesional, siempre pendiente de ayudar a sus clientes de manera honesta.

Pilar Hamrick

Highly qualified professional to get your house.


Bibi Salazar Sanchez

Ginamarie is one of the hardest working individuals I've ever worked with!

She is a self motivated person who always went above and beyond for the company. She researched other relocation companies and got certified so that we could all benefit and get more referrals. Ginamarie was the first person into the office and worked long after she got home. She came into Metrobrokers and took over the job of two previous employees and did a fantastic job!

J. Brosius

I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with Ginamarie, and came to know her as a truly valuable asset to absolutely any team!

She is honest, dependable and incredibly hard-working. Her knowledge and expertise was a huge advantage to our entire office. She put her skillset to work in order to achieve the group and company goals. Ginamarie has always been a joy to work with and is a true team player. She was always there to foster positive discussions and bring the best out of all employees she worked with. Without a doubt, I highly recommend Ginamarie to join your team or company. I know that she will be a beneficial addition to your organization.


The Askues’ sold me my first home in Georgia.

They showed great patience with my many questions. When the going got a little tough they were right there with me. They made the process from start to finish a lot easier than I thought it would be. Would use them again . . . Keith W. Agents - Linda & Richard Askue

Keith W.

Gina’s work ethic is superior.

Her understanding of the intricacies of Corporate Relocation and her ability to work well with both clients, supervisors and agents is unsurpassed.

Kristy Serkedakis

Robin, you are an amazing realtor!

!! You made looking for a house fun and you helped me find the perfect home for us. We both felt very confident because we had you as our guide through this huge decision. We couldn’t believe how easy you made the whole process. I’ll be inviting you over for a glass of wine as soon as we get moved in. I would definitely recommend you to anyone looking for a new home. Thank you for everything. Linda Bowden

Linda Bowden

Gina is a very committed, hard working loyal individual able to influence and serve those she knows.

She has great customer service skills and always puts the needs of others as her top priority.

D. Reeves

Bella y profesional un trato lindo.

Maria Cubias

Lisa was such a pleasure to work with!

She always made us feel like a priority. When we would schedule times to look at homes she was always prepared and if we wanted to see more even though we only scheduled one she was happy to do it! If you want a realtor who makes you feel like you are her top client, Lisa is your choice! She found us our PERFECT home!

Monica and Corey Peabody

Thank you, Robin!

! You made this process so much easier, and you really care! I am so grateful for you!


Lisa is an absolute dream to work with.

My husband and I had 2 Saturdays to find a house. Not just any house but our dream house. So, Lisa did her homework and spent 2 whole Saturdays with us,all morning throughout both days and into the night. We were so picky and knew exactly what we wanted but nothing was grabbing our attention. Lisa found and showed us a house that we actually saw and fell in love with while it was being built 11 years before. We had no idea it was even on the market. Needless to say, after one and a half years of living in our dream home, I'm still in awe every time I drive in our driveway. Lisa was so patient with my husband and me. She worked tirelessly for us and found us THE house we have always wanted to own. We were in a bidding war and she gave us great advice to write a letter to the current owners to tell them how much we loved their house and watched it being built. The owners picked us over someone else offering a little more money. Plus, she kept me calm, which is huge, I'm not a calm person. Her advice got us our dream home. Thank you so very much Lisa!!

Kristin Rhoades

Humberto Leyva reviewed Alcirarealtyatlantahomes — 5 star August 26, 2017 · Alcira es toda una Prefesional en su trabajo Trabajo y una Bella Persona .

Humberto Leyva reviewed Alcirarealtyatlantahomes — 5 star August 26, 2017 ·

My wife and I couldn't be happier with our experience with Robin!

She listened carefully to our needs, and our wants, and made us feel comfortable that we were in good hands throughout the entire process. Thanks to Robin, we found the right house in the right community at the right price, and now we're making it a home! Justin Agent - Robin Palmer


Best realtor in town.

Contacted Donna about listing my house. Listed the house on Wednesday. Three contracts on Thursday. House sold on Friday. Mike W

Mike W

Gina was our agent for us when we bought our house in December 2017.

She also found the mortgage company we worked with. I would highly recommend Gina to anyone searching to sell or buy a home. She is very professional yet easy to talk to. She was there to explain what needed to take place all through the process.

Blair Fink

My family & I have had two delightful experiences working with Lisa Murell.

She guided us through the sale of our 1st home. We had multiple offers within just a few days. Lisa negotiated strategically and had us under contract in 7 days with an offer substantially above our original asking price. We then worked with Lisa again when purchasing our current home. We felt confident with each transaction because we knew we could trust Lisa to guide us through the process and help us make a good investment.

Lindsay Huie

Robin, we are so grateful to you, your support, knowledge, and walking us through this process!

What a blessing you are to us and we are most grateful! ????????????????

Karen and Alan

Ginamarie was absolutely wonderful to work with.

Everyday she was a leader, in charge, extremely knowledgeable and organized. She helped guide me and others to be successful in our business. She was a constant go for leadership and answers. Always willing to go the extra mile to insure others success. I hope to work with Ginamarie in the future.


Ginamarie is a rockstar, she is determined to not only being successful but ensuring others around her are successful as well.

She will see the good in you and help you through your weaknesses. She is organized, up way to early ;-) but excited to start her day. She has a gift for taking chaos and making it flow (an incredible ability, to not recreating the wheel but making it go faster). She thrives on challenges and is results oriented. Multi tasking comes natural to her and she has never been in a panic mode (out of control or lose her temper). Your a great addition to any team, leadership role you desire. You are missed and wishing you all the best today, tomorrow and for years to come.

B. Krejci

We have used Richard & Linda throughout the years for our Real Estate transactions and advice .

. . they truly are our choice of “Realtors for Life” . . . Bill & Sheri . . . Agents - Linda & Richard Askue


Alcira have been helping me with my Real Estate transactions for more than ten years.

She is an amazing professional and always kept me up to date with eveything I needed to know . I highly recommend her excellent job

Jorge Gálvez - G&V Investments

Ginamarie is the best!

She is super organized, works well with others and get's things done! Bottom line, if you are looking to things in top order at your company Ginamarie is your gal. She stays on top of very important items and deadlines and makes it look easy as she already took care of it yesterday. She was my direct supervisor in Relocation and I worked with her daily. I could always count on her to get it done and be super professional!

S. Benson

Thank you Alcira Real for all of your help in finding our new home.

We thank you for your well rounded knowledge & dedication.We felt taken care of and heard the entire process.

Nicola & Martha Sime

Alcira is such an amazing realtor.

She was so kind and sweet to me. She was always there for me throughout my stressful home buying process. I could always call her no matter what time of day it was. She always answered my questions and fought so hard for me! I love her so much, and if I had to do it over again I’d choose her every single time! Thank you so much for your authenticity and attention to detail! Please stay blessed. With so much love, -Jelani

Jelani Brown

Gina has a superior understanding of corporate relocation.

She is highly respected in her field, as a team leader, as well as a team player, she gives nothing less than 110%. Her ability to work well with both team members and clients is a wonderful and rare find.

Katherine Caruso

Thank you so much!

!!! You were such an amazing partner through the process!!

Thom Milam

Lisa was awesome!

When it came time to sell my family home, I knew I needed an agent who was knowledgeable, compassionate, and familiar with the market. It had been my home for 24 years, so it had been a long time since I'd been through that process, besides the emotional attachment I had due to all the memories my family and I shared while living there. Lisa proved to be all those things. I was delighted to receive several offers the first day it was on the market, and she helped me find the right buyer for this property! She walked me through the closing process flawlessly, making sure I felt comfortable with every step. I highly recommend her for any of your real estate needs!

Donna Hachat

Ginamarie is a true professional- she always delivers quality work quickly and is willing to share her vast experience with others.

Gina would be an asset to an organization who is lucky to get her!


I HIGHLY recommend Arline Townsend with Virtual Properties for any of your real estate needs.

She is very professional, personable, efficient, honest, determined and has a vast knowledge of all of the aspects of the business. Arline's communication and negotiation skills are top-notch. Everything was straightforward and well explained without any last minute "surprises". Arline Townsend went above and beyond for my family during our home purchase. There were moments when I thought the process was not going to be a success. However, Arline was there every step of the way to ensure that every procedure was done properly and efficiently. I would definitely recommend Arline to anyone looking to purchase a home.

Carl Sandi Hall

Ginamarie is one of my absolute favorite people to work with!

She was my Relocation Director and played a vital role in growing and maintaining my success as a Realtor. I love her attitude and optimism even when things get tough. If you have the opportunity, work with Ginamarie. Your life and career will thank you.


Lisa is the best real estate agent I have worked with.

I had started my journey of home ownership 4 years ago with another real estate company and another realtor. To no avail or success in my endeavor I felt hopeless and thought home ownership would not be in my future. Then I met and started working with Lisa, the process was streamlined and easy going. Anytime I called she was available, anytime I text she returned my call promptly. Lisa had to think out-of-the-box for the market was incredibly hot at the time. Through her connections and willingness to achieve success, she found the perfect house for me and I could not be any happier. Not only finding the house with streamlined, all the paperwork and all the headaches that go with it she shouldered and made my life incredibly easy. I highly recommend her to friends family and anyone looking for a house that wants a true realtor that knows what she's doing. I can't say thank you enough to Lisa! We will definitely be using her on our next income-producing property and our next home purchase!

Chris Reid

You are in great hands with Robin.


My husband and I had a wonderful experience purchasing our first home with Robin’s help!

She was so attentive and knowledgeable during the entire process, and we felt that we could completely trust her judgement. We were also extremely grateful for her experience and super friendly nature. From the beginning, she had a clear understanding of what we were looking for and did not waste any time! I would certainly recommend Robin to anyone looking to find their perfect home! Agent - Robin Palmer


Alcira was extremely professional during my home buying process.

She is kind, patient and a strong negotiator for her clients. As most of you know purchasing a home can be a very stressful process but with Alcira by my side she explained everything we were doing and she answered all my questions- that way I knew going into closing I had received the best deal I could ask for. I would recommend her in a heartbeat.

Lina Ramirez

Ginamarie was such a positive and professional asset when I was buying my first home.

She tackled road blocks with ease all while keeping me informed and resolving any issue. She’s educated on all things real estate and even helped direct me with the nuances of home ownership. She’s the best!


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